22/01/2013 - FENINJER is back to the Hotel Transamerica
  • At a moment when persistent nostalgia hovers in the air, FENINJER travels in time and returns to its former location at the only luxury hotel resort in São Paulo, Transamérica.


    The reoccupation of this stage where for many years the history of Brazilian jewelry was written and told suggests a collective need to recall a calmer period, one which was more tranquil and pleasant than contemporary times.


    It urges us to merge influences from the past – of severe beauty and family inheritance – with current resources. However such inheritance reemerges, reinterpreted through contemporary codes. After all, it is by contemplating the past that a better future is created.


    Like a noir film that has been re-mastered and recorded on digital media to be perpetuated, the natural high tech vocation of youth forms an alliance with the memory of experienced generations, which insist on recalling the superlative and generous opulence of good times already lived.


    After all, the past and future travel together. Which is why we invite all to experiment the good and well-acquainted taste of this retro menu that – as shown in the Retrofit trend identified by the 2013 Jewelry Design Preview – now gains a good dose of technology: the ingredient that determines the future.


    This new era of youthful supremacy requires informed nobility: a modern attitude of romance that will invade the showcases of the 56th FENINJER.

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